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Black and Yellow Typographic Art & Desig

What kind of brands do you look for?

Brands that align with our ethos + fit into our current fashion, beauty + homeware sections. Please contact us if you're unsure!

We'll be adding services shortly. If your business offers *therapy, food, coding, classes, travel or beauty services we'd love to hear from you.

Will there be food?

Yes! If you have a suggestion or run a business please get in touch.

Are the brands you feature for all sizes?

Yes, we always check for size inclusivity. 

Do you feature affordable brands?

Over half of our finds are budget-friendly. Every brand description includes a price range or search 'budget.'

Is Black Book Direct just for women?

No, we feature unisex brands + add new finds every Sunday. If a brand offers menswear we always mention in its description or search 'unisex'.

Current unisex brands:

ADFIT, Cold Laundry, Daily Paper, DAMIHOWFACES, GOD MADE CLOPatta, Places + Faces, Telfar, Ember Niche

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